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In the starting days of the internet, the online users used to log their daily-diaries on their website, which they called ‘weblogs’. Today, the world terms those weblogs as ‘blogs’, and they are a popular form of content writing among individuals and corporate houses alike. No wonder, the motives behind writing these modern day blogs are multifarious.

The importance of blogging

While some intend to furnish information about their business, many intend to sell products of other businesses through their blogs and make money. Many still use blogs to speak their heart out to the world, which they earlier used to keep a secret in their private diaries.
While it would still be good to maintain your personal blogs on your own, for all the other reasons, you can hire our contentilicious blogging services to get the blog the way you want. Yes, we at Lucknow Content Writers, hold adept expertise in attaining success for your business through our blogging services.

Some startling blogging stats

Indeed, blogging is an ultimate form of informing the readers about a product, a service, a technology or an innovation that is all set to disrupt the market. But when so many forms of content exist, why do people rely on blogging? Probably, these stats from Hubspot hold the answer.

  • As of 2020, more than 600 million blogs were active online across the globe.
  • 50% of the Fortune 500 companies owned a corporate blog in 2018 itself
  • Businesses with blogs get 55% more visitors to their website as compared to non-blogging sites.
  • Moreover, companies having blogs generate 67% more leads than those without blogs
  • 59% of marketers give high value to blogs
  • Blogs alone can lead to a 434% increase in page indexing and around 97% rise in indexed links
  • Businesses that emphasize on blogging generated 13 times more ROI than non-blogging ones in 2019.
  • 70% online users prefer knowing about a company through blogs instead of advertisements
To sum up all these facts and stats, it is evident that new age customers express more interest to know about brands through content instead of relying on any other source. This is where our blogging expertise can be of great help to spread the scoop about your business.

Why should you avail blogging services?

Here is why putting expert content writers to work on your blogs could work wonders for your website:
  • Get enhanced traffic to your website: Every new blog gives a new indexed page to your website, which increases your chance to turn on the SERP. Moreover, quality contents add up to your credibility, which reflects in terms of increased traffic.
  • Enthrall prospective Leads: Irrespective of the type of your business, being a consistent blogger is likely to enthrall attention from potential visitors. A blogging agency can help you in this regime by enriching your website with informative and engaging blogs.
  • Connect with your readers: Bloggers write to connect you with your potential customers through your blogs. Even if the visitors to your site go through your blog in leisure time and find it relatable, they may well go on to buy your product or service. Bloggers write to make the blogs compelling enough to that level.
  • Build your brand identity: Through high quality blogging, the expert writers work to give your brand a unique identity and a distinctive voice in your respective business niche. They pen down great content for your business in a manner that could reflect the values and ethics of your brand.
  • Project yourself as an industry pro: While the website describes your services, blogs depict your urge to keep your business updated as per the latest market trends. Writing industry specific content in the light of the upscale tools and trends will go on to establish your authority in your field.
  • Get long term results: You can keep bearing fruits from your blogs till long. Since blogs will remain on your website, they will continue to generate exceptional traffic with time. Eventually, the possibility of conversion will also keep increasing in future.
By hiring our blogging services, you can gain all these and many more advantages for your business. In fact, you can simply outsource the services of our bloggers to drive quality leads to your website, instead of using paid ads or buying email lists.

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When looking for seasoned bloggers that could inflict the change in your website the way you want, you can always trust our blogging services. We hold a penetrating understanding of the tone required for blogging and hence can project your brand through blogs the best way.
We care to put forth all the right steps to pass on the benefits of blogging to your brand through the honest efforts of our bloggers. Contact us today to know more about our blogging services or to hire us for your blog writing endeavors.