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Boosting the Image of Your Business

Have you ever tried to search your website on Google? If yes, what did you find? If you have found your website link at the top of the search results, you are well on track. However, if you were unable to see your website on the first page or if the foremost results include negative feedback about your business, be aware that things are not going right for your website. It is high time to act immediately in any such instance. 

One of the best moves to recuperate from this situation is to
hire the services online reputation management (ORM) content provider. In
short, you need to realign your content marketing strategy to suit your ORM
efforts and this is where we can help you through our ORM content writing services. We assist you with blogs, social media posts, comments, and so on, especially meant to improve your online reputation.

Importance of Online Reputation Management

The stats below will highlight the essence of sprucing ORM campaigns even more: 

  • 71% of consumers start their buyer journey with a Google Search. If your website is not in the top 10, you are likely to miss an important customer.
  • 90% of consumers go through online reviews before visiting a website.
  • 85% of visitors believe online reviews as much as they trust a personal recommendation
  • A company with positive reviews is the preferred choice of 3 out of 4 consumers
  • For 60% of consumers, negative reviews act as a big turn-off from a business.
  • Above 40% of digital marketers monitor their brand on a daily basis. Regular monitoring helps them to keep tapping on the potential leads and avoid losses.
  • Only 5% of consumers care to look beyond the first page of Google search results
  • Social media posts influence around 78% of consumers in their purchase decision
  • Online reviews can establish or ruin your reputation, which will directly affect your SERPs, sales, and business goodwill.

These and many more facts point toward the importance of having a well devised ORM strategy. In the absence of any such strategy and quality ORM content, your website is likely to face significant losses.

ORM in Digital Marketing

ORM refers to improving the way your business appears online. The professionals associated with ORM try to analyze the results that your potential customers discover about your business, products, services, or the overall brand when searching online. This helps them grasp the gravity of your online presence and lets them know if the top search engine results are in favor or against your brand.

You would be startled to know that around 90% of customers prefer going through online reviews of a business before visiting it in person or clicking through its official website. A positive response from the search results would encourage them to shop for their products from the concerned brand. Just the opposite, a negative online presence, or no presence at all, could affect the reputation of your business adversely.

Therefore, the outcome goes a long way in forming a reputation of your business in the minds of targeted customers – Whether positive or negative. In either case, having a full-fledged ORM team to promote your business over the web would be beneficial. ORM content writing comprises the major part of this strategy.

How can we help?

We own a capable team of experienced ORM content writers to work diligently on improving your business reputation. Our team contributes its best to drag the negative stories down to the further pages by uploading positive content about your business on a continuous basis. We will continue working hard to spread genuine news about your brand that your potential customers ought to know, thus deflecting their minds away from the fake campaigns launched against your business. 

All we need from you is the list of keywords that you want us to work on. If you want, we can deploy our SEO team as well to carry out thorough research and analysis to come up with targeted keywords that could help your website gain a substantial edge in the search page results, much ahead of the negative pages.

For further information, please feel free to reach out to us. We will be prompt to attend to your queries and extend our assistance to improve the reputation of your business through our beneficial ORM content writing services.