My Umrah Experiences – The Ambiance Around

It has been around eight months since I took sabbatical from the routine life to fly off to the devotional land of Saudi Arabia for Umrah. Once I returned, I was never the same as before…that 15-day time I spent in the Holy cities of Makkah and Madina made me rethink how I think. Here is how I have summed up this entire peregrinate to an altogether different world of peace and piety.

Makkah Clock Tower

The ambiance

I have had first glimpse of the Clock Tower from my bus in the wee hours of the dawn of the day on the way to the hotel from Jeddah Airport (The Makkah Royal Clock tower also known as Abraj Al Bait Tower is a gigantic 601 meter tall building with 120 floors located just next to Masjid e Haram). That very first moment was speechless as the building itself symbolizes the aura and grandeur of the place where I had to spend next 10 days. It was the time of Fajir Salat when I reached Masjid E Haram along with other group members.

Yet again, the‘ I went stunned’ moment hypnotized my senses as the mosque is really a grand one, which you will seldom come across anywhere else. Naturally, the people out there were quite different than I used to see till date. It seems as if the whole world was confined in that single mosque. We offered Fajir Salat and then moved to the long awaited destination for which, we had been travelling since the past 12 hours or so.

That first encounter with The Holy Ka’bah

Prior to the journey, I had been offered many tips and advises of what and how to do at Umrah; specifically, the things I should do while reaching Al-Ka`bah Al-Musharrafah. As I came across that majestic and pious structure, it was ‘ I went even more stunned’ moment. The place that I had been watching since childhood on TV, newspapers, magazines, internet; I was standing just next to it in flesh and blood. Those harrowing moments made me forget everything that I had learnt about it for the next few minutes.

The Holy KA'ba

I just kept watching it with amazement until the security officials asked us to move on. I regained my senses to realize that that I was indeed standing in front of the Holy Kabah, the place where one won’t mind to be throughout a lifetime. It was not a dream, but a dream come true!

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