Let’s Move Together to Curb Poverty – The Biggest Curse Worldwide


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Poverty has spread its wings everywhere across the globe. Discussing about it over social media may be trendy, but the real picture is entirely different. Here are few startling but true facts about this bitter reality.

Poverty facts worldwide

  • Could you believe that around half of the world’s population, i.e., around 3 billion people are living on a paltry amount of below $2.5 a day.
  • Even worse – around 1.3 billion people earn just $.125 each day, which is equivalent to the population of India.
  • Around 1 billion children are compelled to survive in poverty across the world.
  • Poverty leads to the death of 22,000 children every day, as per UNICEF.
  • Childhood malnutrition, which is just another form of poverty, claims the lives of 3 million children every year.

Poverty in India

While the aforementioned facts gave a little description of how misery has affected the people worldwide, its clutch on India alone is even more painful, as is obvious by these stats:

  • As per World Bank, India is home to one-third of the world’s poor population.
  • According to a UN report, nearly 300 million of India’s population still lives in extreme poverty, with complete cut off from basic amenities like health, sanitation, education, electricity, and water.
  • Every year, an estimated 98,000 people in India die due to diarrhea, says a World Health Organization report. 
  • As per Census 2001 figures, there are more than 12.5 million working kids between 4-15 years, of which 1.2 million work in the dangerous occupations, which are covered under the Child Labour Act.
  • In India, one in every three girls becomes child bride, which is the world’s highest child marriage rate. Consequently, many married young girls are compelled to become maidservants, beggars, or even prostitutes for survival.

On having a glimpse on these unfortunate facts, it indeed seems as if there is no end to the miserable plight of poverty in India and around the world. It is quite possible that the respective governments put forth concrete steps in improving their state in the better future. However, for the sake of humanity, there is still much that we the commoners can do to help the downtrodden ones, instead of waiting for the aids from higher authorities.

Several Non-Profit organizations operating in India and abroad echo this cause and work selflessly in improving the lives of the impoverished ones. Should you wish to contribute your bit for the welfare of such needful people, you may contact these recognized NGOS.

Indian NGOs: Smile Foundation, Magic Bus, Bachpan Bachao Andolan (BBA), Care India, and Help Age India

International NGOs: Mercy Cops, Childfund, Heifer International, Oxfam International, Clinton Health Access Initiatives

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