How to Google Search Relevant Information for Content Writing?

Search for latest data using Google Search tools

Google Search for Content Writing


Latest information on any topic holds high importance toward ensuring quality content; hence efforts must be made to look out for more recent data. A simple trick to help you out in this regard is to use ‘Search tools’ on Google. Here is a step by step illustration to specify its use.

  1. Type a keyword, say ‘market automation’ on Google search bar and click search. The result you will get may or may not be latest.
  2. On the result page, look for ‘Search tools’ just below the search bar, on the top right and click it.
  3. Next, click Any Time, the second option from left.
  4. Choose a preferred time from past hour to past year, or set your own custom range.
  5. This will give you relevant results as per your specified time. For instance, if you click past week, it will fetch all the results indexed by the crawlers within 7 days.

Alongside, you can use also other set a specific location under Search tools for refined search.

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    August 9, 2015 |
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