How to Google Search Relevant Information for Content Writing?

The keyword search

Google Search for Content Writing

  1. Type the exact keywords: Start by typing the keywords or phrases on which you want the information. If you are not getting satisfying result, then you may go to next search page and so on.
  2. Type keyword variations: If you are not getting relevant information then use your keywords in different forms or alternatives. Like, if you are looking for digital marketing and not getting ample results, you can search for variations like what is digital marketing, digital marketing agency, marketing digital, etc. You can get a list of keyword variations corresponding to a particular keyword through various tools, like Google AdWords: Keyword Planner, Keyword Tool, Word Tracker, WordStreams, and so on.
  3. Combine two or more keywords together: Suppose you want a freelance content writer for your projects. However, you would prefer if the writer is from your own location (say New Delhi) so that you can have a meeting with him once in a blue moon. Hence, you can go on to type the query: freelance content writer+New Delhi.
  4. Refine it further: Moving on, if you are looking for a content writer in your vicinity with expertise in Information technology domain, then, you can further refine your search and write Freelance content writer+information technology+New Delhi. Likewise, keep using different combinations until you get favorable results.


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