COVID19 – Latest Stats the World Over

It is Day 3 of nation wide lock down in India and the situation is getting no respite; it is getting even worse with time. The plight across the world is no different. The most astonishing new of 27th March came from none other than the PMO office of UKitself, where Prime Minister Boris Johnson tested positive for coronavirus. Though, he is still able to work in a self-isolation setup.

Since the outbreak of the deadly Corona virus, there have been close to 553,000 cases out of which, around 400,000 cases are active. Thankfully, close to 129,000 patients have recovered, but more than 25,000 deaths have jolted the world.

Italy has been the pick of suffering countries, where the death toll due to Covid19 has reached past 8,200. The plight appears to soar further, with the CoronaVirus positive cases rising every single day.

United States of America, though facing lesser casualties as compared to Italy, has the highest number of COVID19 cases so far, thus surpassing China.

Coronavirus India

India, which appeared to have a flat curve till now, is now witnessing a rpaid rise in the number of cases. In fact, on 27th March alone, there have been 136 cases, which is maximum on a single day in India so far.

Other countries that are showing an uncontrolled surge in the Corona cases and casualties include Spain, Iran and France.

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