Modeling Portrait Photography – Top 10 Tips for Killer Looks

Modeling portrait photography

5. Find an emotion

Having an emotion in the picture will help people connect easily to it. Thus, your subject should evoke right expressions, be it fear, sorrow or happiness, but make sure it does not look a forced one.

6. Concentrate on the available light

If you have the right light, half of your job is already complete. Keep a watch on how the light takes a turn on the face of the subject. If it is towards the main source of the light, it can take a positive turn. If you are taking pictures under the sun, make sure that the angle does not make your subject feel unpleasant or have to squint. When not shooting under the sun, you need to know well how the artificial sources work. You may use a flashgun for the matter. Perhaps, reflectors also work fine to turn hard photos soft.

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