Air Pollution in Delhi NCR – How to Remain Safe

With Air Quality Index (AQI) in Delhi NCR and adjoining states getting worse than ever, saving yourself is becoming an uphill task.

The probable causes

The contributors to this hazardous pollution could be many, like the emissions from motor vehicles, like cars and buses; even aircrafts could cause heavy damage in this respect. Other major reasons behind poor air quality could include burning agriculture land, which the Delhi CM Mr. Kejriwal cites as a major factor for the heavily polluted Delhi. Besides, dusts rising from construction sites, illegal and unhealthy practices by industries, burning trash in dumping zones are the other prominent reasons behind this dreaded circumstance.

What could be the possible health hazards?

A 2013 report from WHO states that outdoor air pollution proses maximum threats to the humans. The same holds true for the current situation in Delhi NCR and neighboring state as well. The highly toxic air pollutants could lead to enhanced coughing and aggravated asthma. As the pollution has shattered all time worst records, one just cannot rule out the risk of stroke, lung cancer and even heart disease. Whether kids, grownups, adults or aged, everyone is falling prey to this man-made calamity.

How to protect yourself

With such heavy dose of pollution making our lives miserable, finding out ways to protect us from its evil effects is important. Here are some of them:

Mask your face:  Wearing a mask should cover your mouth, chin, nose and ears from exposure to the atmosphere. Use purifiers: Using air purifiers at home and keep your fans/AC vents clean. Also, make sure to keep your home dust free.

Have a clean diet: Is your food rich enough in Omega-3 fatty acids. If not then you should include green leafy vegetables, methi seeds, sardine, mustard seeds, etc., in your diet. Besides, exceed the intake of fruits, walnuts, almonds, ginger, garlic, etc. All these food items of Vitamin C and E in high quantity, and hence could shield your body from the pollution.

Drink enough water: This is a universal suggestion, even if there is no pollution. And considering the present state, keeping yourself hydrated is not a choice by a necessity.

Prefer being indoor: Unless you have important things to do outdoors, prefer confining yourself to the indoors. Perhaps, even morning walk could pose severe threat. So beware! It is instead better to do your workouts at home.

Cover up your skin: Are you careful enough to protect your hair and skin. If not, then the dreaded air pollution gives you a solid reason to rethink on your careless attitude. Doctors opine that Indian skin is more prone to damage from pollution, as the latter results in pigmentation and high oil content in the skin. So, it’s wise to put on glasses. As an added benefit, they will make you look smart as well.

Cover your hair: Also, cover your hair as much as possible. You can use a cap, a shawl, muffler, scarf or anything else to do the needful.

Life is a precious gift from the Mother Nature, but unfortunately, we are running it due to our own selfish motives. The need is to combat almost any the anti-green environment happening around us. In the meantime, keep yourself protected from Air Pollution through these important tips.

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